SEET was born in Fall 2009 over a dinner as a group of experimental economists were hosted at the house of Pablo Brañas in Granada. The good food was accompanied by lively and intense discussion on several research questions and the experimental methodologies to tackle them. 

At the end of the long night, the enthusiastic host and the inquisitive guests, Antoni Bosch, Maripaz Espinosa, Nikos Georgantzís, Ayca Giritligil, Roberto Hernan, Jaromir Kovarik, Praveen Kujal, Rosemarie Nagel and Giovanni Ponti, were amazed and yet very happy with the prolificacy provided by the friendly atmosphere.

Since then, SEET gathers junior and senior researchers to comradely discuss not only their own research but the general perspectives on how to investigate individual and collective decision processes in experimental social sciences.

At this link, you can find the Program of the last SEET Workshop in Naples (February 6-8, 2020).